Privacy with Style

Spring time is here and we are already fully out of hibernation mode- designing and building fences, tending a wintered garden, and blowing dust from the corners of our house and office. As much as we love interacting with our community and neighbors, we also appreciate our privacy. Instead of building a typical privacy fence, … Continue reading Privacy with Style

El Chingon of the Week

Photo of Charro Saddle in Bandera, Texas by Robert G. Gomez Robert G. Gomez, photographer and Texan, finds honesty through his camera’s lens. With his Texas Culture series, Gomez allows us to look deeper into the multifaceted Hispanic community living in Texas and discover how cultural tradition and the illustrious past mingle in our everyday lives … Continue reading El Chingon of the Week

Garden Walk

There are many reasons why I love our Head Landscape Designer’s garden. For one, she understands the life of plants and has created an environment of vegetation that thrives. Secondly, she is an architectural genius and has designed a garden space with multiple refuges to sit and relax or gather and enjoy. And finally, she … Continue reading Garden Walk